Getting Started with Coral Dev Board

This book is designed to help anyone who wants to learn Coral Dev Board. Various programs are provided. The following is highlight topics in this book.

* Preparing Coral Dev Board Environment

  • Setting Up and Running
  • Connecting to a Network
  • Coral Dev Board Programming
  • Accessing GPIO
  • Working with Tensorflow Lite on Edge TPU
  • Working with Bluetooth
  • MDT Shell for Coral Dev

Table of Content

  1. Preparing Coral Dev Board Environment
    1.1 Coral Dev Board
    1.2 Getting Hardware
    1.3 Unboxing
  2. Setting Up and Running
    2.1 Getting Started
    2.2 Flashing OS Firmware for Coral Dev
    2.2.1 Installing Device Driver
    2.2.2 Connecting Coral Dev board to Computer
    2.2.3 Plugin Power into Coral Dev board
    2.2.4 Flashing Mendel OS
    2.3 Running Mendel OS
    2.4 Rebooting
    2.5 Shutdown
    2.6 Change Password
    2.7 Mendel OS Commands
  3. Connecting to a Network
    3.1 Getting Started
    3.2 Connecting to a Network
    3.2.1 Connecting a Network via Ethernet
    3.2.2 Connecting a Network via WiFi
    3.4 MDT Shell for Coral Dev
    3.5 Access Coral Dev board using SSH
    3.6 Transfer SFTP over MDT
    3.7 Update Package Repository
    3.8 Upgrading Package and OS
  4. Coral Dev Board Programming
    4.1 Getting Started
    4.2 Python
    4.3 C/C++
    4.4 What’s Next?
  5. Accessing GPIO
    5.1 Introduction to GPIO
    5.2 Accessing GPIO
    5.3 Demo
    5.4 Further Reading
  6. Working with Tensorflow Lite on Edge TPU
    6.1 Getting Started
    6.2 Tensorflow Lite on Edge TPU
    6.3 What’s Next?
  7. Working with Bluetooth
    7.1 Getting Started
    7.2 Setting up Bluetooth
    7.3 Ping Bluetooth
    7.4 Working with bluetoothctl

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