Python and PostgreSQL Development

This book helps you to get started with Python and PostgreSQL development. Some simple projects are provided to accelerate your learning to access PostgreSQL server using Python. The following is a list of highlight topics in this book

  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Getting Started – Python and PostgreSQL
  • CRUD Operations
  • Working with Image and Blob Data
  • Transaction
  • Stored Procedures and Functions

Table of Content

  1. Setting up Development Environment
    1.1 Python
    1.2 PostgreSQL Database Server
    1.3 PostgreSQL Driver for Python
    1.4 Development Tools
    1.5 Python Programming
  2. Getting Started – Python and PostgreSQL
    2.1 Connecting to PostgreSQL
    2.2 Creating Python Program
    2.3 Running
  3. CRUD Operations
    3.1 CRUD Operations
    3.2 Creating Data
    3.3 Reading Data
    3.4 Update Data
    3.5 Deleting Data
  4. Working with Image and Blob Data
    4.1 Image and Blob Data
    4.2 Inserting Image File
    4.3 Reading and Saving Image File
  5. Transaction
    5.1 Python and PostgreSQL Transaction
    5.2 Demo
  6. Stored Procedures and Functions
    6.1 Stored Procedures and Functions
    6.2 Working with Stored Procedure
    6.3 Working with Functions
    6.4 Calling Functions with Parameters

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